• Learn How to Unlock Deep Intimacy, Sensuality, and Connection
  • Learn How to Unlock the 11+ Orgasms in yourself or your female partner
  • Heal Erectile Disfunction and/or Premature Ejaculation
  • Heal from Porn Addiction (from a Sex Positive and Porn Positive perspective)
  • Learn How to Last Longer and how to become Multi-Orgasmic
  • Learn How to Heal the Trauma stored in your genitals

Group Workshops

Self Pleasure for Women:

Learn how to Unlock the 11 plus orgasms
Create a grounded sensuality within yourself
Heal old trauma (sexual or not) that is stored in your Yoni
Learn how to Expand Your Orgasms

March 18, 2017
1pm-6ish pm
Includes a Thera wand or rose quartz Yoni balls

Bringing your partner to new heights of Pleasure:

Lingam Massage (Penis Massage)–learn how to sensually pleasure your partner while creating deep connection and healing

January 19, 2017

Yoni Massage (Vulva/Vagina Massage)

Learn how to sensually pleasure your partner, while creating deep connection and healing, and start to unlock her 11+ different orgasms!

Jan 26, 2017

Self Pleasure for Men

Learn how to last longer and start your path towards multiple orgasm
Heal Porn addiction (from a super sexy, sex positive and porn positive perspective)
Learn how to connect deeply and sensually with your body to heal old trauma and to bring new energy and excitement to your sex life!

April 15, 2017
1pm-6ish pm

Sexy Times for Couples

Learn how to communicate in the bedroom
Learn how to use sensual touch to arouse your partner
Learn how to set up a Tantric Space
Connect more deeply and intimately with your partner
(Yoni and Lingam Massage are part of Level 2)

Level 1
February 18, 2017
$450 (for couple)

Level 2 (includes Yoni and Lingam Massage on models)
March 4
$450 (for couple)

Register for both for $800 (for couple)

One on One coaching and Packages can be put together for individuals or couples.


Rosie’s Group workshop rates vary from workshop to workshop. Please inquire with her for dates and prices.

One on One sessions are $175 per hour for singles, $250 for couples – packages are also available for a somewhat reduced rate.

Email rosie@bestbitts.com for more information

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