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I have a new Website and Blog. Hurray!!!

It’s been a weird year. A number of my close family members went through forms of serious illness and most of my work got put on hold, but during this process I had a wonderful friend work bit by bit on getting this beautiful and very functional website up for me. It’s amazing how life sometimes makes you stop everything so you can stake stock of what’s really important. I’ve learned to let things go and that, ultimately, nothing but the ones you love matter. I’ve matured (a bit), but I’ve also gotten softer and have a new found appreciation of my femininity. I’ve dropped projects—many, many projects. The projects I’m doing now speak to me on a soul level and are part of what I want to give the world. I have entered a new chapter of my life and so it’s fitting that I have a new website to go along with it.

It’s soft and pretty and covers everything I’m doing and offering right now. It’s also forcing me to do a blog that will cover the products I like, sexy tips, feminism, beauty, sexy, aging, art, touring…all the good stuff! Plus its functional!! I love things (and people) who are both beautiful and functional.

I hope all of you will enjoy my new website as much as I do!

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