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Lyric Theatre in Swift Current, SK

Shit Storm!

Hello Beauties! I’ve just finished the Chaunauqua Theatre Festival in Swift Current where my play was almost banned (due to Saskatchewan’s new law banning striptease and burlesque). My show was protested by a pastor who got hauled away by police and as the finale I was kicked offstage by the President of the board of […]

The 2014 Round-Up!

I’m sorry to not have been in touch but it’s been an exhausting couple of months for me. I had my first ever US tour, with great shows in Portland, Seattle, Indianapolis and St. Louis and I look forward to reflecting a little more on my experiences in a forthcoming blog post. Most excitingly was […]

Stories of Love and Passion in New York! (and Victoria)

Hello Beautiful People, As some of you may know my new solo show “Stories of Love and Passion” has been selected to be part of the biggest solo show festival in the world, United Solo Theatre Festival in NYC. That invitation has become the impetus for a US tour and Jeff (my pianist) and I […]

Loving the Body You’re In

I think about beauty and sexy a lot. I always have. What is beauty? Like really? I’m not talking about what you see in magazines, I mean the people that stop you in your tracks and make you catch your breath. What kind of power comes with it? When I was a teen I read […]

Miss Rosie Bitts chewing on glasses

I have a new Website and Blog. Hurray!!!

It’s been a weird year. A number of my close family members went through forms of serious illness and most of my work got put on hold, but during this process I had a wonderful friend work bit by bit on getting this beautiful and very functional website up for me. It’s amazing how life […]