The Lady Corsairs: Erotica Series

The Invitation: Lady Corsairs Part OneThe Handmaid: Lady Corsairs part 2The Pirates: Lady Corsairs part 3The Lady Corsairs: Volume 1part4

The Lady Corsairs contains foul language and graphic depictions of sexual acts and is intended for readers over the age of eighteen only.

The Invitation (Lady Corsairs Part One)

The Invitation: Lady Corsairs Part One

Margot’s life as a handmaid has been hard, sometimes even dangerous, but it was never adventurous until the night she met Anna, the Marquess of Denholm.

Anna is beautiful, fearless, and sometimes a bit reckless. Margot admires these attributes–they are part of what makes her feel things for the marquess she has never felt for another woman–but she never expected to live that way herself.

And the last thing she expected to do was dine with the most notorious pirate in the Mediterranean.

Captain William Bonney is handsome and dangerous, an adventure waiting to happen. Innocent Margot thinks the corsair’s invitation is merely for a friendly dinner, but with wanton Anna and lusty Billy the Bone at the table, could there be more than dinner on the menu?

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The Handmaid (Lady Corsairs Part Two)

The Handmaid: Lady Corsairs part 2

The adventures of Anna and Margot– the Lady Corsairs – continue.

After being left behind on a pirate ship filled with cut-throat corsairs, Margot has only the handsome and dangerous Billy the Bone to turn to for help and protection. But at what price will his protection come?

With hundreds of miles of the Mediterranean Sea separating Margot from the life she once knew, it seems a journey across the sea isn’t the only journey the handmaid is set to take.

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The Pirates (Lady Corsairs Part Three)

The Pirates: Lady Corsairs part 3

The adventures of Anna and Margot – the Lady Corsairs – continue into a third installment.

After rival pirates attack Billy the Bone’s ship, Margot and Anna find themselves awash in danger…and in need of satisfaction to put out the fires of excitement.

But will they find it with each other or amongst the lustful members of the crew?

Part action, part adventure, all erotic… The Lady Corsairs.

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Volume One (Lady Corsairs Part 1,2 & 3)

Parts 1-3 of The Lady Corsairs in one volume!

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Also available as a paperback.

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