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Burlesque Diva, Impresario, Chanteuse
Rosie Bitts ~ Sex in Heels

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Rosie Bitts, is a performer, producer, author and educator and one of the pioneers who brought the art form of burlesque to Vancouver Island.

She was a co-founder of the award-winning Cheesecake Burlesque Revue and performed in and helped produce many of their shows during her tenure (2006-2008). She was the first burlesque teacher on Vancouver Island and has since taught her class “Learn to Love Your Jiggly Bitts” to hundreds of women from Campbell River to Victoria, and has now added “The Art of Sexy” and “The Passion Talks: Make Your Art Your Business”, a business course for artists. As well as teaching locally, Rosie has also been a guest teacher at BurlyCon Seattle (North America’s only burlesque education convention).

Rosie started her production company, Best Bitts Productions (co-owned with Bruce Blake), in 2008, and has since toured Vancouver Island with her popular shows “The Bitts of Tease Cabaret” and “Brand New Boobies” (a show of new work and new performers), often bringing headliners from all over North America to further titillate and educate her audience. In 2011, Rosie combined her love of theatre, music and burlesque to create her first solo show, “The Fabulous Miss Rosie Bitts”, which she presented at the Winnipeg, Victoria and Nanaimo Fringe Festivals, receiving a Jenny Award in Winnipeg, a Pick of the Fringe for Best Solo Show in Victoria and a Monday Magazine Award for Favourite New Production of 2011.

In 2012/13, Rosie ran her theatre festival featuring cutting edge sex positive art, “The Sexy Factory.”

This year Rosie has released her newest work, solo show “Stories of Love and Passion” which premiered at the UNO festival in Victoria B.C. to critical acclaim. Rosie has been invited to perform “Stories” at the United Solo Festival on Theatre Row in New York City and will embark on a US tour surrounding that performance starting in October 2014.

Rosie has performed all over North America, has been taught by many top burlesque performers, has had the great pleasure of working with esteemed director Suzanne Bachner and with the huge talent of many Victoria musicians including Jeff Poynter who provides live musical accompaniment for “Stories”. She is a keynote speaker and speaks on subjects from “Releasing Your Inner Diva” to “Getting Your Sexy Back after Kids”. In 2013 Rosie turned her talents to writing and in collaboration with indie author Bruce Blake has created the historical-pirate-erotica-adventure serial The Lady Corsairs.

Rosie is also an active fundraiser and advocates in the community for local and international causes. In this spirit Rosie will be donating 5% of all profits from her solo work “Stories of Love and Passion” to local organizations that advocate for sex workers.

Rosie is looking forward to a year filled with entertaining, writing, educating and advocating for women’s and sex workers’ rights.

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